VKK is CEVIANS latest material development for NVIS applications


Costa Mesa, CA


Aug 01, 2015

The photochemistry absorbs near infrared energy to a level that satisfies the requirements of MIL-STD-3009. This allows the use of VKK enhanced devices in cockpits and other critical environments. Undesired IR emissions can result in enemy detection or performance reduction of night vision sensors.

VKK’s unique high visible transmission makes it possible to satisfy both nighttime and daytime operations with the use of a single permanent filter. VKK eliminates the inconvenience of removing and storing conventional polymeric NVIS filters. VKK does not exhibit any angle sensitivity, and chromaticity rendering is excellent.

This is precisely why VKK is revolutionary.
The VKK enhancement is integrated on any device irrespective of the display technology and is suitable for OLED and TFT devices alike. The unique materials are optically bonded to smartphones and tablets, providing a permanent NVIS solution that increase mission effectiveness and logistics.

The material has a durable H9 hardness surface. It is thin enough to maintain both touch compatibility and integration in most standard commercially available rugged enclosures.

• High Photopic transmission >65%
• Compatible with OLED and TFT displays
• High surface hardness
• No angle sensitivity
• Compliant to MIL-STD-3009
• Excellent color rendering

• All smartphones and tablets
• Most handheld units including iPad®, Samsung Note®
• Permanent NVIS solutions
• Optically bonded solutions
• Harsh environment


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VKK-NVIS Enhancement.pdf

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