CEVIANS has custom developed high resolution, 10-bit, high contrast displays, with ultra high brightness and zero defect for the medical industry. Unique backlight designs provide unmatched brightness uniformity, when chromaticities are key in applications where life impacting decisions are made. Brightness sensors guarantee stable brightness levels over extended periods of time by closely controlling the emission of solid-state lighting elements. Image complying to DICOM standards are generated as a result. Also, particular application display modules have been designed and manufactured to satisfy stringent electromagnetic interference requirements when needed.

The display modules often integrate high performance, anti-reflection cover glass of military aerospace grade with a reflection level <0.3% over the visible spectrum. This results in reduced eye fatigue and crisp images as well as protecting the modules extended display life. The integration of touch screens with material finishes compatible with fluid susceptibility can be custom designed and optically bonded to the modules for other types of medical displays.

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