New 10.4" XGA NVIS Dual Mode AMLCD


Costa Mesa, CA


Oct 24, 2013

Cevians is pleased to announce the release of its latest 10.4” XGA Ruggedized AMLCD Display Module. This new product integrates the latest technology in TFT and pixel driving techniques, resulting in an ultra-wide viewing angle with an unparalleled contrast of 1000:1. It also includes a wide temperature nematic fluid for use over extended temperature ranges.

The module’s basic configuration offers a high-efficiency and high-brightness 1,000 nits LED backlight. An optional dual backlight mode provides night vision compliance in accordance with MIL-STD-3009. This unique NVIS performance is obtained with the integration of Cevians' proprietary NVISable LED F-series.

Other module options include an anti-reflective coated cover glass, EMI optical filter, heater glass, and touch screen. All optional optical elements are bonded with index-matched adhesive materials that minimize internal reflection. Cevians' proprietary optical bonding automated process has been qualified to meet the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810. In fact, it has survived at an altitude of 70,000 feet and under extreme temperature and humidity conditions where most others fail.

Cevians understands light behavior at the quantum level. With its expertise in material science and in-depth understanding of optics, Cevians has become a leader in the aerospace and defense industry. Cevians has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, visible, NIR and infrared applications.



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